1. I Just Can’t Believe It!

    Hello and this is my first proper post, I suppose.  My previous post was just a hello so you can’t really count that.  This, however, is going to be earth shattering.  Or not, I suppose :)

    I could write something about my last post being a post…but…  You can’t really count that because I just said hello.  I’m getting ready to write something awe inspiring.  Makes waves.  Makes you think and go “Wow - why didn’t I think of that?

    However, I don’t think I can do that.  Sorry to disappoint you but that could be in the next post.  However, this article is really just a bit of an observation.  You go around and see loads of jewellery for adult women - there are shops full of it!  But women is only around 50% of the population and when you look out for jewellery for men, there’s hardly any compared to the amount there is for ladies.

    Even more surprising is the amount of jewellery for children.  There’s hardly any in the shops and what there is seems to be almost toy like - not quality pieces that you would want your kids to actually wear in company and not just put in their play box.

    I’m thinking of high street shops when I’m thinking of this, however.

    Online it’s a little better - there is at least places where you can buy stylish jewellery to give to your girl or boy.  And designers are getting more forthcoming by designing whole ranges for children.

    Online stores don’t just cut down jewellery and realise that children have different tastes.  They actually seem to understand what kids like - often pretty, colourful and fun and good enough to catch the eye.  Things that children enjoy.

    Perhaps one day, bricks and mortar shops will figure out that they can’t just offer cheap and tacky pieces for children and get away with it.

    Am I living in cloud cuckoo land?

    Thanks and will speak soon - keep up the good work!  The next topic is being thought about - I hope you like it so keep an eye out!


  2. Hey There - My 1st Post

    Hello and thank you for coming in to see my very first blog post at our brand-new site.

    It’s awesome to enjoy an online log such as this - I’m going to be in a position to put down my thoughts, tricks, tactics; things similar to that.

    Exactly who am I?  Actually, I am a college student in design and I also specialize in jewelry styling mostly in silver which I feel is actually a truly beautiful, tactile material.

    The things I should do is employ a place where i’m able to store any type of inspiring information I find whenever I surf all around the web.  Loads of places are around and I will be keeping records on this blog so we could come back at a later time and never lose those little nuggest.  An example of one of my biggest failings is just a shortage of organisation - I am hoping to put that right with this jewellery blog!

    I am glad you came to have a look at the blog.  Any ideas for me?  tell me!  I’m always interested in new sites and eager to talk to other, similar people.

    Thanks and all the best, M.

    All the best, M.